Amhara Region Agricultural Research Institute, ARARI

Location: Bahir Dar, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

Year of construction: 2005-2007
Gross area: 16 000 m2
Comments: Complex with offices, conference facilities, staff houses, guest house, green houses, stores and garage

Mille Cargo Scanning Terminal

Location: Mille, Afar Regional State, Ethiopia

Year of construction: 2005-2006
Gross area: 4 500 m2
Comments: A container scanning facility including residences, restaurant and offices

JMD Overseas Industries Plc Paper Factory

Location: Holetta, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Construction on going
Gross area: 16 500 m2, plot area 71 000 m2

Comments: The site plan is shown to the left. the non-built areas are used for raw material (recycled paper) storage, water treatment plant, water wells, etc

Harar Brewery

Location: Harar, Ethiopia

As built drawings for the entire complex.

Comments: Harar Brewery is currently owned and managed by Heineken Breweries.

Shaoxing Li Plastic Factory

Location: On the road from Addis Ababa to Debre Berhan, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

Construction on going. The project to be built in phases.
Top right: Site perspective, complete project
Above: One of the big productions halls
To the right: The entrance to the site

Sheger Film Studios

Location: Entoto, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Design on going

Comments: Part of a wider project with Radio Sheger 102,1, film studios, training centre and conference facilities
Pre- and Post-production facilities with covered roof terrace and Main Sound Stage and related production areas in the background