Bahir Dar University

Location: Bahir Dar, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

Year of construction: Sketch Proposal
Gross area: 170 000 m2
Comments: Bahir Dar University Faculty of Agriculture

Wondo Genet College of Forestry

Location: Wondo Genet, Ethiopia

Year of construction: 1998-2010
Gross area: Latest phase 1 600 m2

Comments: Long term support to the different phases of extension of the College of Forestry. Latest phase (2006-2007) includes lecture hall (right), offices for academic staff, office for the registrar (bottom right), staff quarters and dormitories (bottom left).

Bingham Academy

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Gross area: 40 000 m2

Comments: Nearly complete redesign and planned reconstruction of the entire school campus, including classroom buildings, chapel/auditorium, administration, restaurant and staff residences

High School Building
Administration and Restaurant

Kulumsa Agricultural Training Centre, ATC

Location: Kulumsa (outside Asella), Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Construction start: March 2012
Gross area: 620 m2, plot area 1 880 m2
Comments: Agricultural Training Centre, one-storey building with administration, library, training rooms, greenery, offices and stores

MLI Ford School Extension

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Design and construction of library building, toilet buildings, retaining and periphery wall.
Comments: Project funded by US Government through NAVFAC.
Picture showing students choosing colour for the library.

Health Institutions

AIP has designed a number of Health related projects:

• Midwifery Schools in DireDawa, Harar and Awassa
• Midwifery School in Luanda Angola
• Pediatric Hospital in Luanda, Angola
• Two Maternity Wards in Luanda Angola
• Mother and Child Health Centre in Guinea Bissau
• Woleyta Hospital Maintenance works, Ethiopia